Why should we protect tigers?

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Poaching is the most critical threat to tigers. Each part of the tiger is highly prized for use in folk remedies and traditional medicine, as well as for use as status symbols.

Clearing of forests for agriculture and roads has eliminated 93 percent of the tiger’s habitat. Fewer tigers survive in this smaller area, making inbreeding more common and genetic defects more likely. Tigers are forced to encroach on human lands to obtain food, and people often retaliate by killing the tigers. Rising seas along the coast of India and Bangladesh threaten to obliterate the entire tiger habitat in the area by 2070.

Tigers are endangered because of climate change, loss of habitat and poaching. Most of the reasons tigers are on the endangered species list are tied to human interference. The overall combined population of all five tiger species is between 3,000 and 5,000, according to National Geographic.

Poaching is also a huge detriment to the tiger population. Tigers are poached for trophies, such as teeth and fur, and for use in traditional medicines.The increase in human population also means that tigers come into contact with farm animals, and farmers sometimes illegally kill the tigers to protect their herds.

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