Share contacts over Bluetooth

We are using 2 devices Androi and we need to copy the contacts from your device to the other device 1 quickly without having to bother removing the sim or backup to the computer, reviews which is shared phonebook feature Bluetooth will be share below.

Share contacts over Bluetooth

Share contacts over Bluetooth

With your list via Bluetooth to share copying or sharing contacts become extremely simple and fast just as we send and receive 1 ordinary file.

Step 1: Run 2 Bluetooth for Android devices. Step 2: On the first devices to your contacts and click Menu Figure 3 dots> Share contacts Step 3: Select the contacts to share and click Finish. Step 4: Select the Bluetooth sharing. Step 5: Detect second device is complete click to select devices. Step 6: On the 2nd device receive notifications click Accept. Step 7: Check the 2nd device phonebook.

So we have to guide you to make contacts sharing between two Android devices together very quickly, some interesting facts you can also share contacts with his friends at close range without having to read each number.

Using the current line of high-end smartphone, you can also consult articles from the stored contacts on samsung sim data a7 to protect their phone numbers, avoid losing sim phone will lose some offline.

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