Ghostbusters review

There’s something about the new Ghostbusters Activision tie-in that gives me a warm feeling of nostalgia. No nostalgia for classic films, of course, that it...


I Am Setsuna review

Play I Am Setsuna create an unmistakable feeling of a mixed RPG experience. Think of the ABBA song you hear at every wedding: small piece of wonderful songs. The...

pokémon go

Everything about Pokémon Go

What is the game Pokemon Go? After 1 months of release, Pokemon Go is finally coming out now across various regions. With so much excitement stirring about the...

Splatoon Review

Splatoon Review

That’s squid ink and spray a lot of particularly interesting new online shooter for Nintendo. Splatoon is a shooter online multiplayer from Nintendo. Go ahead,...

What is the game Pokemon Go?

What is the game Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one of the game is becoming phenomenal game today. Readers do not know what is Pokemon Go can refer to our article to be able to understand, easier...

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