Pirate Kings – pirate king

Game Pirate Kings, a pirate king, is top action games for pc to today’s game market. Just after the release of Facebook has released the female gamers very much. Although it is a slightly hilarious game of the type of strategy game, but almost to win or break in the Pirate Kings depends much on the element of luck.

Pirate Kings – pirate king

In this game, the player actions games free online will become a good pirate whose main task is to cultivate and protect the beautiful island. This wheel features a variety of features such as Attack, Defend, Steal, Spins plus the face value of gold that the player will gain. Keep track of the following article for you to get the original orientation when participating in the game Pirate Kings.

Steal: steal another player’s gold

Attack: Attacks other players

Spins: More compass turns

Defend: defense device for the island (you only get 3 items)

The mission in the Pirate Kings is to conquer the seven islands

Pirate Kings - pirate king

Pirate Kings – pirate king

Your task in this game is to conquer a total of 7 beautiful islands to be able to win the game, from the slow development you will also develop into pirate king – pirate king in Pirate Kings. To do this is not pure, since the island was quite complete with a landmine attack by our interlocutors. Our island returned to a poor state like primordial. Bear the alliance to control your own security is not too heavy severity.

When carrying an Attack choose to shoot expensive projects

When you spin the lucky number with Attack, you will be able to own a cannon to shoot someone else’s house, this is the opportunity to earn gold for the island. Let’s shoot at the island of someone who’s slow to deploy, you want to destroy, on a slow-moving island that allows you to choose one of their projects, bring 5 selections to the works in the shop Of course, gamers will target projects that own high scores when you buy, then we will recover the corresponding high gold as well as the ownership ratio of the project you want to break. For example, familiar and experienced players, people will immediately recognize where the project with the most popular gold coins to choose the slow deployment that shot. Choose wisely as well as bear the pain of remembering the gold price of the shot to bring the best bonus points for you.

buy projects when carrying money

Take part in pirate games of this type, when there is money in hand to spoil to buy his beautiful island because of the money will quickly upgrade the project, from delayed deployment also soon lift level in the game. For example, to save money, very soon all of a sudden, we can be robbed of money, like you are being watched by other gamers. Even our friends and close friends still steal the money they own. So do not be tempted to spend money on what to buy refurbished island beautiful when there is enough money to upgrade anything.

Here we have the most basic guidelines for newcomers to the pirate king game is not surprised at the beginning. Basically the initial instructions of the game will also give you a relatively broad way of playing the game. Join the game To invite friends to click on the symbolic three dashes in the upper left corner of the game screen Pirate Kings to entertain moments. However, be sure to regulate yourself in virtual and global realities to limit disagreements with your fellow participants.

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