How Blizzard opt their name

Do you know the origin of the name Blizzard? Here are the reasons how Blizzard opt their name Despite being one of the most well known names in gaming now, Blizzard...


Top 10 best game jokes with pictures

During our search to find the funniest video game jokes and memes online, we ran into a problem. There are top 10 best game jokes with pictures! You don’t...


Top Funny and Cute Monkey Jokes Videos

Do you love monkeys? They are so cute though they can be mischievous children with lots ofjokes that sometimes make us feel so embarrassed. Let’s check out...


The Secret to Living the Life of Your Dreams

As 2014 came wandering in, I couldn’t help but think about things that had come to pass in 2013. I think we all do it — at least for a second or two — a short...

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