An injured elephant seeks out humans for help

Reading and enjoying the elephant facts today will tell you a moving story: An injured elephant seeks out humans for help 

Elephants are regarded as one of the most intelligent animals on the planet — but here’s a story that suggests they’re among the wisest, too.

On Saturday, staff at the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe were surprised to discover a wild bull elephant had limped in from the surrounding bush to hold vigil outside a house there. Nick Milne, who manages the lodge’s wildlife conservation foundation, arrived shortly after to assess the situation.

“We have elephants in the area, but mostly cows and calves. To have a bull walk up to a house is something that just does not happen,” Milne told The Dodo. “So, I went to take a look, and it seemed like there was something seriously wrong with him. He wasn’t able to move very well.”

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Bumi Hills’ in-house veterinarian was gone for the weekend, so Milne called up another specialist, about 200 miles away, who volunteered to fly in to help. Incredibly, in the six hours it took for medical care to arrive, the elephant continued to linger nearby, quenching his thirst with water offered to him in a bucket.

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