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The life history of horror game White day

If you are a fan of the series or horror explorer White Day, the name would not too alien to you. Developed by Sonnori in 2001 with inspiration from the “White Day” game horro White is the youth day known as Valentine’s Day 2, also known as white valentine (hear the name Aaron saw something chillingly then is not it). I would like to say a little more about White Day so that you do not know can get more specific information such as the following: Usually we have known valentine day (Valentines day), ie on the date of this day was 2.14 distinguishing called red valentine can because it’s tinged with hearts, roses and love what about Valentine White (white day) is day and what it means? Please answer it is the day after Valentine’s Day 14/03 red ie exactly one month and is derived from the movement of Japanese youth with a desire to extend the happiest day, on this day you have received the gift of the other half they will respond with a gift that can be roses, chocolate, of course, in which case they also have feelings for you there. Otherwise, the results are unpredictable However in the context of horror game White day, the sweet taste of love tinged again of fear and always had something stimulating survival instinct hard to explain Content horror game White day Content horror game known white day with a young Korean student is said of the hot boy in a casually he picked up the diary of a girl full of romantic dreams and then he had fallen in love and unrequited love that girl. As expected the girl at night secretly sneaked boys into her dorm and put her diary on the table and do not forget to enclose a sweet chocolate bar. game valentine But once in the room to the girl he was engaged into a place where it is not simply a dormitory as he imagined. There is something not right, dormitories schools now turned into a maze with numerous pitfalls, the secrets fester under rocks long forgotten idea. It is rumored that this school was formerly a prison of war and where frequent scenes of torture, killing school should therefore have a lot of injustice can not ethereal soul. Overall this is a fun horror game, it brings new colors, indescribable feelings about something inanimate but close. game-white-day

Assessment horror game White day

Before I can learn a lot about the horror game genre on the fame game right forum is also extremely scary games and haunt me one day as White feeling incredibly fresh, first not to mention an attractive graphical character set is built on a sophisticated 3D. The character is also very good-looking character and maybe I will calculate a bonus to the character and context. As for the gameplay and how the game’s narrator is also extremely interesting perhaps it has great influence on the horror game developed later. I always felt the game The Dark Descent and Penumbra have certain influence from the main game, so I added a plus point ready again for playing the White day! game-of-di

Dowload version for video game for mobile White Day

White day game today with his sterling reputation, they do not just stop at version pc games but also games for mobile versions on platforms like iOS and Android familiar

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