GoChat – chat application for gamers Pokemon GO

GoChat is a free application that allows people to play Pokemon Go can chat and leave messages for each other right in the game.


Review journal, Pokemon GO is a mobile game fever worldwide, in recent days about this game on the report flooded and social networks. Therefore, software developers are looking for opportunities in the development of applications that support the game. Varieties include other players, Jonathan Zarra is also one of those who is very interested in Pokemon GO. 28-year-old boy also had some time to stick with the game right from the early days of the test. Of course, he soon realized that the game was pretty much the major shortcomings and most notably, the connection between players. Therefore, Jonathan has developed an application called GoChat, allowing Pokemon Go players can chat and leave messages for each other right in the game. He said: “This is a must have feature for any online games yet. Especially for a game with community cohesion and high as Pokemon Go “. After a period of testing, GoChat has officially launched the second version of iOS and Android from the date of 04/07. Only a few days after its launch, this free app has over 1 million people and 600 responses per second to the server. And of course, the increase of users with dizzying speed was constantly making the application server overload. Even users can not register a new account, sign in and can not send the message.

If you are unable to find the topic you are interested in please access here amazing facts of science to learn more What’s better than, GoChat was created with the aim to serve gamers favorite Pokemon GO so that users can download for free. Not only that, the author of this application does not like having to integrated advertising services, it did not bring about any sales. Therefore, the unexpected success this guy can make Jonathan bankrupt. According to a service provider server, said estimates of expenditure that Jonathan had to spend to maintain the operation of the applications so far GoChat is about $ 4,000. If we continue to keep this app works without revenue, Jonathan can completely bankrupt. Fortunately, this guy was planning to contact a number of investors, not only helps to maintain GoChat but also can help develop better applications in the future. Details of the plan have not been revealed, but with the success of GoChat then surely there will be many investors who want to support Jonathan. Hopefully the story of the guy 28 application developers will have wraps.

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