Extremely fun action game in preparation

In addition to the action games are extremely scary, but also own a lot of action games fun entertainment for gamers, we join together to top online game online same game offline. 1 / Dragon Ball Game From: Xkeeperz Action Game Dragon Ball Z: Xkeeperz is based on the story of Seven Dragon Pearls. It is expected to launch players in the spring of 2018 in the Japanese market. Also, it’s unclear whether the English version will be released. According to the announcement in NPH, Dragon Ball Z: Xkeeperz with extremely simple gameplay, you only need to use the mouse to bring the horizontal line to fight without using the keyboard. In addition, this game also requires players to calculate the team adjustment, not to use the mouse click. 2-fun-online-games-are-coming-to-the-game-community-12 / PixArk action game This is one of the online action game dinosaur hunting. With colorful 3D graphics, players can not launch. PixArk is rapidly improving to prepare to launch English version on Steam. Probably, around March, the action game PixArk will hit the market. This is one of the hottest games to play, this game is mixed in three products Minecraft, PlayerUnknown’s famous Battlegrounds and Ark: Survival Evolved. The game allows players in both air and ground and water. Your main job is to collect as many resources as possible, at the same time manipulate the gang as well as build houses or research projects. And most of all, the dinosaurs. >>> Read more: Top 5 most anticipated mobile action games of 2018

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