Draglanor Medieval Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Review and Guides

As its name suggests, the Draglanor Medieval Resource Pack is definitely a medieval-themed pack that’s perfect for those looking to build up an RPG world for other Minecraft players. It’s also a great choice in case that you love the worn, weathered look of ancient castles and beaten down homes. If that so, please make sure you are actually having the pack’s Medieval version of the pack because the Draglanor comes in both Simple and Medieval varieties, which do look quite a bit different to each other. So, bear that in mind to get your right choice!!!

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Draglanor Medieval resource pack

In fact, many of the differences between the two of them are very plain to see, especially the water, which looks mostly the same in both varieties. Regardless of the version you get, Draglanor’s water looks unchanging. The same look can also be found at Jack o’ lanterns, which features no differences regardless of any version of Draglanor you have. On the other hand, the grass on the ground, the foliage on the trees, and even the etchings in the trees’ bark, etc, look a little better in the Draglanor Medieval variety than the Draglanor Simple pack.

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Draglanor Medieval Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Completely reworked and updated the texture packs.
  • Current mod supports for NEI & IronChests.

How to install Draglanor Medieval Resource Pack?

  • All .zip files you must put in the .minecraftresourcepacks folder (but don’t extract it).
  • To find this folder: Launch Minecraft, go to “Resource Packs” and click “Open resource pack folder”.

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