How to download and play My Talking Hank game

How to download and play My Talking Hank game. My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela are two best of action games of the most favorite children’s games of all time. Thanks to these two types of products, the name of Outfit7 follows the flow of information available to more. Recently, the company has repeatedly launched a new game of the genre “Tom cat game” called “My Talking Hank”.

How to download and play My Talking Hank game

Separated from the two classic titles, when participating in the game My Talking Hank, the responsibility of the player is to help the dog Hank explore and explore a lot of wilderness, photographed a lot of wild animals.

Gameplay Tutorial My Talking Hank

Step 1: App Store or Google Play (depending on which operating system you are using), enter the keyword “My Talking Hank” into the search box and then Enter & download the game as normal.

Step 2: The first game interface, players need to enter their age, then touch OK & touch our main character – puppy Hank to play the game first.

Step 3: At first play, there will be detailed and specific instructions for us. Where should it be touched? However, because it is a game for kids, there is nothing too difficult or complex.

How to download and play My Talking Hank game

How to download and play My Talking Hank game

Step 4: With each visual on the display, it will match the same action that Hank conducts in the game, like eating, cleaning, going to sleep …

Players have also been given their character names and from level 2, we can also start with Hank exploring the wilderness islands in the game to take pictures of wildlife for his collection. .

Step 5: Players will use their existing diamonds and money to buy toys, food in the shop to lure the animals to reveal to Hank taking pictures. Each of these toys will have fixed and fixed positions and is marked by prominent light ranges. Just touch that if you want to buy a new, transformed.

In the shop there are also many play products, different food at different prices. This also corresponds to the animals that we need to take photos of, which are rare and rare animals (RARE) and are not easy to lure with conventional foods.

Each time a species appears, just touch them and press the capture button on the screen to capture it. It is possible to change the shooting angle, shoot many types & choose the best style if you want.

Touch the book icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, we will all see their “collection”, see which species are not enough. In addition to the wildlife after the “visit” will leave gold or diamonds for players, you can also use these “gifts” to buy more play items & other food to Completed the purpose of the game.

There are quite a lot of islands to explore, let your baby love to challenge and help cute and cute Hank puppy complete the game offline!

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