Distinguish Hiphop – Rap

What is hip hop? It has the power and attraction of stars makes the skeptics once said that “hip hop movement is only a temporary and sooner or later to an end” to rethink when this day was out hiphop community African and spread very far away from the US border interesting science facts. Hiphop is no longer an exclusively American products, too, almost like football is no longer the exclusive property of Britain, which has produced it which became possessed of all mankind…

Take a minute back to history, we will be surprised to know that the origin of hip-hop was born from Jamaica. In this small country it has traditionally held the largest outdoor dance floor with a large number of participation. To ensure that all people are heard to dance music, the DJ often said that time (raps) verses merrily on bass heavy music to add to the excitement. Later when developing this form of rap, the length of the sentence increased with rhythmic rhyme.

Distinguish Hiphop - Rap

Distinguish Hiphop – Rap

Late 60s, with 1 Jamaican DJ Kool Herc’s young have migrated to the United States. With the knowledge of traditional audio systems and form the rap that said, he has made major changes to the dance floor of Colored People in the Bronx, New York, then the disco movement is at the peak penguins facts for kids. Dj Kool Herc never played an entire song. He said passages to make the people dance music “café” least, that’s the drum and bass section usually has a length of about 30 seconds in the song’s music featured Jamaican dancehall (aka reggae).

Britain used machines to pull *** mixer tracks by playing at the same time that two identical records. The first rap was born on American soil when Kool Herc often called the customer a fun way for your club. Then because of the DJ requires greater focus, kool Herc had to set up a group of MCs and dancers to do their job helping animator. The MC would later evolve into the rap singers and dancers that dance that is performed “break dance”. More questions from fun to make the story come alive more. We can see that time is when Hiphop.

Hiphop is from generation voice against the silence of the poor in the city. It’s also a culture, a way of life for the community enthusiasts favorite, rapping, some amazing facts break dancing and graffiti. Besides, Hiphop has a surprising history which it deserves to be seen as an art form.

Origins of Hip Hop comes from the music of the African people or African Americans. Who handed down the history of Africa is the singer, poet travels (Their genre-definition user has the same subtle Hiphop today). African Americans often for several oral history. They recently used first appeared. Back to the slaves, the slaves sang as folk rap. They had no instruments, so they use any object that is on hand to create rhythm. The slaves sang about everything in their head. Sometimes they sing about the yearning for freedom, to be back home.

Hiphop is actually appeared in the 70s, when New York are being brought up outdoor parties. A DJ from Kingston, Jamaica moved to NYC was played back by the instrumental version of the party. That is also the father of Hiphop, DJ Kool Herc. Initially, Herc tries to bring his music to reggae. But the NYC does not seem to absorb reggae. Then mix Herc had famous songs at that time instead of what used to reggae. Because the gas is too short tracks, so Herc along with some other DJ mixer used to extend the tracks.

Hiphop as a lifestyle that many people love because of the uniqueness of it, and it is such as to satisfy the means of self-revelation. You can rap about anything, no music like your feeling, the feeling of love, or whatever. The majority of pre-recorded music rhythm. Many times, when rappers forgetting lyrics on stage, they begin to rap what just popped into his head. From the mid to late ’70s, some people look to as they think Hiphop funk, rock or pop them as stereotypes, no deep feelings online games for kids.


Rap is one of the key elements of Hiphop. Rap means saying alphabetically scratching and mixing music in the background of the DJ. Initially, the rapper is understood as an MC (Master of Ceremony) and DJ who helped. Rapping as variations of lines of reggae music. The early 70s, MC started talking when the music is playing. During the party, DJ Kool Herc has worked with two other MC (Coke La Rock and Clark Kent).

The first rapper usually introduce themselves and others before the audience. Thanks to the ability to improvise and simple choruses new MC easy to convey his thoughts. Shortly after, the more developed part of this MC pronunciation and wording in rhythm to his other self and entertain listeners. They may tease you or even their enemies in public.

Rap music initially quite rough, monotonous, and the lack of traditional tunes. Rap lyrics in it from inciting violence to the vulgar. However, Rap is “street poetry” directly reflects the daily life of the poor.

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