Combining the top 3 best games of 2018

Closers Online is a cutting-edge action game with a horizontal screenplay that is somewhat similar to the type of multiplayer games that have been released in Vietnam such as Dragonica, RaiderZ … Participating in the game, players Will be selected between different characters to fight … >>> Play: games for girls to play game_online-1 Online Closers Online is designed to combat the action of horizontal screens, allowing players to continually use combo skills when attacking, in parallel adding specific effects to the game. The fight to create an impression.   Control mechanism in Closers Online is pure and not too much of a difference compared to the type of cutting edge games, when the player controls the character moves with the arrow keys, next to the attack the hot key (0-9). However, some of the accompanying keys possess character traits such as Z for casual attacks, X for dancing, Space for quick reversal, etc. Avabel Online Avabel Online brings players to a strange tower that owns many different rooms. Here, each room has its own private world and belongs to the masses of bosses and fierce monsters. Possesses in the broad element of the MMORPG game, players to conquer the global game as well as destroy the enemy according to their own method.   Beyond the latest Unity3D graphics. Avabel Online not only gives the player exclusive footage, but slow launches are ideal effects. Each character in the game has its own style and is dressed in unique European outfits.   The game provides players with a multitude of common missions that are bound to help players win a variety of attractive prizes. Most of the missions in Avabel Online will force the player to attack, obliterate monsters on level or occupy a certain Boss. However, the player who owns the other items approved the GM events. Blast Out Blast Out is based on a funny custom map that has been around for a long time in Warcraft 3. Basically, gamers will be put in a dangerous war with ever-shrinking land, you will Try to push the opponent – it is the other players out (easier) or beat them out of blood (very difficult) to win. game_online-3 Of course in order to do this, the player needs a fairly universal special skill line that will be distributed at level up. It is interesting that you can choose to change them or upgrade after a period of time in battle.   Blast Out not only gives you a unique skill, but also a set of skills, so you have the ability to create combo effects that you like to push people out or destroy them. Still, the nicest part of this game is that the ‘hack hack’ part of the opponent possesses the road blockers that can not be dodged, the result is extremely fun.

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