The best sports games for Android in 2018

Sports games have had a hard time keeping up with other genres in terms of quality. These days, you’ll find games with a little bit of polish, but the biggest, most in-depth titles are generally freemium games. That is disappointing. The sports games genre still has a lot of growing to do, even in 2017. Despite a relatively weak selection, there are some decent games in the sports genre. We tried to include as many pay-once games as we possibly could. You can also search yourself in Google Play. Some games have great graphics. However, the freemium style makes then difficult to truly enjoy. Anyway, let’s take a look at the best sports games for Android! game-for-android

Djinnworks sports games Djinnworks is a developer on Google Play. They did a bunch of arcade style sports games. That includes games for football, basketball, soccer, skateboarding, golf, hockey, and others. The games all have a similar, arcade aesthetic. They feature little stick characters that play the sports. It’s not altogether different from the sports games of the 1990’s. They are also all pay-once sports games and we liked that a whole lot. They’re not amazing deep and some of them have bugs. However, every one of them is free to download and try. EA Sports UFC EA Sports UFC is probably the best sports games for UFC fans. It features an exhaustive roster of both male and female fighters. In addition, the game includes events, a story mode, simple controls, and decent graphics. There are also fighter customizations and other such things. It’s a shameless cash grab (thanks, EA) in a lot of ways. However, there are a few dozen hours of good game play content here. FIE Swordplay FIE Swordplay is one of the surprisingly popular sports games. This one involves fencing. You pick a weapon, fine tune your gear, and fight opponents. The game features real fencing techniques, good looking graphics, easy controls, online PvP, a story mode, and official support from the International Fencing Federation. This one also isn’t a freemium game. That makes it a natural choice for this list. Fencing isn’t the most popular sport, but this is definitely a great sports game. FIFA Soccer FIFA Soccer is the latest game in the FIFA franchise. It’s also one of the most popular sports games. It features full rosters of over 550 real teams. That includes past and present stars. The game also include some of the best graphics in a mobile game that we’ve seen. It is an EA game. Thus, you should prepare for all of the freemium stuff. Don’t expect a completely perfect game here. Otherwise, it’s actually pretty fun for a while at least.

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