ASUS gaming laptop with 3D radiator

Products equipped with radiators including boiler pipes and heat dissipation performance 3D GPU enhances further 6%. Recently, reviews ASUS has launched the product market laptop ASUS ROG gaming peak G752 to G751 sample successor in 2015 in Vietnam.

G752 is the model of Republic of Gamers line targeted to gamers specialized in “heavy” with series of worthwhile upgrade the processor, graphics card, and a special connector system is proprietary 3D radiator.

ASUS gaming laptop with 3D radiator

ASUS gaming laptop with 3D radiator

Speaking of design, G752 with elegant design than the previous generation and provides a remarkable insight spaceship with soft wind cavity slim stretches across the back of the machine. G752 camera body is made of aluminum hairline along two prominent LED strips video game reviews.

Radiator system, ASUS has boldly equipped with combined radiator and boiler ducts to optimize the cooling efficiency and let gamers experience the game comfortably for long periods. In addition, the radiator fan is specifically designed to minimize the situation VDE dust in the strainer, which helps protect the components of the machine.

The keyboard on the G752 is equipped with detection technology 30 keys simultaneously (anti-ghosting), striking red backlighting helps gamers easily play in any game environment some amazing facts. Landing made of rubber against fingerprints very well, but when used long-fouling surfaces easy and difficult to clean.

Property G752 Intel Core i7 quad 6th generation (Skylake) Geforce GTX graphics card with 16GB DDR4 RAM and 980m. Hard drive in your computer system includes 1TB 7200rpm drive and 128GB SSD. Especially machine graphics card that supports G-SYNC technology helps extremely smooth game play by holding index stable frames per second.

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