Age of Empires III: Game tactic super attractive

Age of Empires III (AoE III) is a strategy game in real time, was developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios – review journal. Located in the Age of Empires series of games, is the sequel to the Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, the game depicts the period of colonization of the Americas by 8 European countries: UK, France, Germany, Ha Finland, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Russia.

With some new features, such as the addition of the Home City in the game, and the interface is not seen in the strategy game, Age of Empires III was rated 8.2 points GameSpot. Two expansion packs have been released: Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs introduce 3 Native American tribes, and Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties introduces three powerful dynastic Asia: India, China Korea and Japan.

Age of Empires III: Game tactic super attractive

Age of Empires III: Game tactic super attractive

Age of Empires III described the European empires established colonies in the New World, the Americas, from 1492 to 1850. Similarly in series play this game, players must build your colony returned into an empire and upgrade over time, technological, military and destroy the enemy colony – game reviews Players always pay attention to the two sides in the game: economic and military.

Start the game, players will be provided with a main house (Town Center – the town hall) or a Covered Wagon (cars built Town Center), a mining (Explorer) and a few colonial (Settler – longer called farmers). Players begin by exploring the map, find treasures (Treasure) and exploitation of natural resources to be able to build other buildings, create armies and upgrade. And then destroy the enemy colony by his army. The game ends when one side surrendered (Resign) or destroyed (Eliminated). Where the killing occurred when the entire colonial, pioneers and politicians are killed or destroyed.

Age of Empires III, as well as previous versions of Age of Empires, players have to go through the period, which describes the mining colony over time. During each period, players can produce new units, building new structures, new technology upgrade, no online games for kids The period included:

Age of Empires III: Game tactic super attractive

Age of Empires III: Game tactic super attractive

Period of discovery (Discovery Age): players can only exploit natural resources and explore the map. During this period, the player can only be created colonialism and building works to economic development and defense as: House (House or Manor House), Market (Market), Mills (Mill), Port (Dock ), Outpost (Outpost), Farm (livestock Pen) and trafficking Station (Trading Post).

Colonial period (Colonial Age): players start building simple military and colonial expansion. In this period, the player has a number of troops (Infantry), cavalry and artillery melee simple (Grenadier and Abus Gun). Players can build military buildings Barracks (Barracks), Stable (Stable), Cathedral (Church), Foundries gun (Artillery Foundry). Period Fortress (Fortress Age): players reinforces the colonial, the new colony, building forts and military build nearly complete. Players can create all soldiers and cavalry (Cavalry), basic gun (Culverin, Falconet and Organ Gun), construction and upgrading projects such as industrial Plantation (Plantation), Forge (Arsenal) and Fort (Fort) – shooting games for kids. In addition, players can upgrade the military in the colonial period to level mining Veteran and can build 1 main house.

Industrial era (Industrial Age): players strong economic development, creating all soldiers, cavalry and artillery. Additionally, players build a factory (Factory), the resource can produce rapid and heavy artillery free. No new projects but there are many new technologies and upgrade the level Guard troops. Period Empire (Imperial): players build Capital (Capital), containing the final upgrade. Players are allowed to submit some of the cards and upgrade the level Imperial Army.

Every era needs to have food (Food) and money (coins) to upgrade (except Colonial Period just 800 Food). Every time a politician to govern. When the upgrade period, players can choose depending on the political strategy for when they come (upgrade period is complete), they will bring along things that players selected: for example, when “The Naturalist” to lift up the colonial period, players will receive 4 cows after up period. When the Home City to the higher level, the player has the option to add more politicians.

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